Southern Federal


International veterinary congress

CCU «High Technology» of Southern Federal University took part in the South-Russian international veterinary Congress.

In ECC «VertolExpo» in Rostov-on-Don on September 25-26 hosted the second South-Russian international veterinary Congress is the only veterinary world-class event in the South of Russia.

The Congress was held lectures about new methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of pets and farm animals. Conducted a seminar on the new rules of storage of medicines for veterinary use and lecture about the new requirements of the labour legislation by a special assessment of labour.

Congress participants received information about possible ways of cooperation in the field of cell technology and veterinary science, the technological basis of the CCU "High Technology" of SFU, which allows molecular-genetic, immunological, biochemical and bacteriological tests on animals for veterinary and breeding.

Staff of CCU «High Technology» told the participants about the offered services, the possible assistance in carrying out scientific research, advice when planning experiments, technical support in conducting research, performing laboratory tests.